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Floral Wholesaler @ SFFM

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We understand your continual need for interesting and superior quality product . Our "in-house" inventory offers you approximately 400 types of fresh cut flowers, blooming branches, novel and unique foliages. Brannan Street's expert group of buyers insure that we will supply you with the finest and freshest flower selection in the industry. Our buyers are continually seeking out new sources as well as working with our existing growers and vendors on developing new and exciting product.

Four Decades of Experience

Brannan Street Wholesale is located in the historic San Francisco Flower Market terminal. We share a 40-year tradition as part of the historic San Francisco Flower Market.

We take full advantage of our special location along the West Coast. The unique maritime climate of San Francisco and the entire Bay Area provides perfect growing conditions for our local suppliers which affords you greater variety throughout the year.